Hello and thank-you for taking the time to visit my website.

I live in west central Scotland and this site showcases some of my non-commercial and mostly people-free photography. Quoting the title of a popular Burt Bacharach song, the emphasis is very much on "Trains and Boats and Planes." I hope that you discover something of interest and I welcome any feedback and comments.

My interest in photography started with washing enough dirty dishes to earn sufficient pocket money to afford 126 cartridge film to run through my father's Kodak Instamatic 155X. A profitable newspaper delivery round paid for the weekly 'Amateur Photographer' magazine and allowed me to buy a second-hand Praktica LTL3 35mm SLR camera. Time moves on.

Today I still occasionally shoot film but now mostly digital. I still favour the square format of 126 film. A cup of tea is the only liquid I require to develop and print images. And I can do both in daylight without any lingering smells. Subjects have changed as well, I used to favour street and social photography but in this enlightened age when the majority of us carry a camera 'phone, the minority who are a little bit more serious about their photography run the risk being branded a terrorist or worse. Strange. You can find more of my photography on Flickr and my (rather old now) website www.blaven.com which focuses on special part of the Isle of Skye .

Thank-you again.

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